Bayan Newsletter

Ms. Sayed Arabic Class

To Tarbiyah Academy's 1st and 2nd Grade Family,

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

Welcome back! Whether you spent your time relaxing, studying, working, or on a trip, I hope you had an enjoyable spring break.

We had a great first two terms and we look forward to an exciting more term to go!

Also, I want to send a sincere thank you to all of you who came out to parent-teacher-student conferences. InshaAllah you all enjoyed listening to your child reflect on all the beautiful work in their portfolios!

What's Happening in Arabic class

To Learn Arabic language, you have to learn how to read it, write it, understand it and speaking it and that's what we are working on in the classroom. We read stories,we learn new vocabularies, we write summaries of the stories and we do dialogues in Arabic. We learn how to write stories and use our own voices as writers ( according to the different levels).

Survival kit for Arabic speakers

The students were able to create a survival handbook that will outline different ways people can adapt to change in unforeseen circumstances for Arabic speaking scientists. They gave instructions in Arabic about what they did to survive (e.g. I built a shelter from .....) in Arabic.

Feelings Flash Cards

Please ask your child to listen to Feelings in Arabic every night through this quizlet:

The listening log is due 4/29, please sign it and send it with your child.

Drawing Your Family and label it!

Games to increase the vocabulary

Students worked on double puzzles and word search games to increase their vocabulary and help in spelling the word correctly.
حكايات لا تنسى 8 الراعي و الذئب جودة عالية
مغامرات أبو الحروف الحلقة 2
مغامرات أبو الحروف الحلقة 3

100 Days of school activity!!

Trip to the science center

Learning through Games !!

This website is full of interactive games that help Arabic students of all levels learn alphabets, words, vocabulary, and grammar:

Please have your child spend two 10-15 minute sessions a week on this website to emphasize what we learn in class and to review previously learned concepts.

Reading : Story of Jude and her new bike

We read and discussed the story of Jude and her new bike (جود ودراجتها الجديدة), through which we reviewed numbers, colors, vocabulary like:
new جديد/جديدة
happy سعيد/سعيدة
bike درّاجة
Father بابا
Mother ماما
Sister أخت
Brother أخ
Small/young صغير/صغيرة

Wheel(s) عجل(عجلات)

Got angry غضب/غضبت
Race سباق

Ms. Sayed

Please email me with any comments, questions, suggestions, and/ or concerns you may have.