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We are the Hardt Brothers, the furniture industry has been our playground for around 15 years now. Starting out at 18 and working with a 100 year old company began the journey and started the passion for furniture. Managing fabrics, working with vendors to the extensive inventory absolutely burned the fabric knowledge permanently. After 5 years the unthinkable happened, the doors closed and left everyone scrambling for work.This was the moment that made us realize the industry that grew Hickory, NC to "Furniture Capital of the World" was in the midst of slowly vanishing and the storied talent of age old craftsman was being replaced by overseas throw away (don't even want to call it furniture) scrap wood.The struggling economy combined with slowly fading trade, left a void for years now for all upholstery based business'.

Our solution is to provide the fabric at a lower price, to save the business money, maximize profit and bring the customers in. Lets face it if the fabrics costly, then the finished product will have to be more to create wiggle room for profit. Skip the price dilemma, comfortably negotiate price and don't worry about the $20-$30 a yard charge that looms over the survival of your business.

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