GCSE PE CPD 2013-2014

Deep learning, differentiation and visible progress

Course Information

This is a brand new online training course. The online training course will focus on supporting teachers to develop GCSE PE theory grades with their students. The training course will give a brief overview of the depth of content required in order to allow students to answer both short-answer and longer answer questions in the GCSE PE theory examination.

The training course will focus on the main factors that contribute to making an effective GCSE PE theory lesson. This will include progress, differentiation, shallow to deep learning, AfL, looking to connect content and information and stretching learning at the top end. It will demonstrate how SOLO Taxonomy can be used as a planning tool to achieve this and introduce delegates to the core principles of this method.

Course Content

  • Introduce SOLO TAXONOMY as a means to deliver effective GCSE PE theory lessons and the basic components ofSOLO TAXONOMY.
  • Show, step by step and with examples, how SOLO TAXONOMY helps structure:
  • Shallow to deep learning
  • Differentiation
  • Visible progress
  • Assessment for learning
  • Formative assessment
  • Link to exams and show how short answer question link to Multi-structural and relational answers, and how the scenario ranges from Multi-structural to Extended abstract.
  • Examples of a SOLO PE lesson and examples of possible activities for each stage of the taxonomy.

Course Cost

£70 + VAT. Additional Delegates from the same centre cost £30 + VAT.

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Early Booking Discount

Bookings received before 4th October 2013 will receive a booking discount of 10% from the first delegate

Date and Venue

Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 4-6pm

This is an online event.

Purchase the Recording

If the date and time is inconvenient then you can purchase a recording of the session. The recording allows you to view the live session at a time that is convenient. The recording can be played an unlimited number of times. A recording of the session can be purchased for £ 55 + VAT. PRODUCT CODE: DEEPLDL. If you wish to purchase a DVD-ROM recording of the session this can be purchased for £70 + VAT. PRODUCT CODE : DEEPLCD