Peppered Moth Experiment

By : Burgundy Hunt and Amber York

What Sparked the Discovery

During the late 1940s through the 1950s, it was noticed that there was a reduced number of light colored european peppered moths and an increased number of the darker colored moths in the industrial areas of Great Brittian. This was quiet odd since light colored european peppered moths were dominant over the darker moths. This interesting discovery sparked Bernard Kettlewell to creat an experiment.

Th Experiment.....

Kettlewell began raising populations of light and dark peppered moths in his laboratory so he could perform his experiment. He marked all the moths with a drop of paint on the wings, so they could be recognized later. Next he released the light and dark moths in two separate wooded areas of England. One of the wooded areas was Birmingham's wood near the city of Birmingham, which was very polluted. The other wooded area was Dorset's wood, which was in a farm area that was not polluted. At the end of this, Kettlewell set traps around the woods to catch the moths and see which populations survived in the two different areas. Peppered moths with the color of the trunks survived; in the polluted areas where the trees were black the black moths thrived, and in the woods where the trees were light the light moths thrived.
Evolution of the Peppered Moth