Breakfast Cereal

By: Reed Sullivan

James Caleb Jackson

  • James Caleb Jackson invented breakfast cereal because, he wanted to have more people eat breakfast.
  • Back then not enough people were eating breakfast.
  • He wanted to find a healthy meal people could eat to start off there day.
  • Breakfast gets people to start off the day right and it helps you in school or at your job be more successful.

Timeline of Cereal's History

  • 1863- Granula (It was called Granula) was the first cereal, invented by James Caleb Jackson
  • 1924- Wheaties was invented by Washburn Crosby Company
  • 1945- Cheerios was invented by Lester Borchardt
  • 1952- Frosted Flakes was invented by John Kellogg and his brother Will Kellogg
  • 1955- Special K was invented the Kellogg company
  • 1978- Mini Wheats were invented by Kellogg's

How does it work?

  1. Grab a cereal box
  2. Get a bowl
  3. Pour the cereal in the bowl
  4. Add milk to the cereal bowl (optional)
  5. Get a spoon and eat it

How has this invention impacted me?

  • This invention has impacted me because some mornings before school I get up and eat cereal for breakfast.