Top 3 classical instruments

yadira hernandez


Most people like band instruments such as drums, piano,and people like classical instruments?such as flute, clarinet, trumpet, tuba, ect. I am hear to talk about the wonderful sounds of the classical instruments.

The flute

About the flute

The Flute is a very popular instrument in the U.S. It isone of my favorite classical insruments. In the movie our first christmas the little girl who was adopted played the flute. The flute was made around 1750. Once came out a band had already got it first everyone would go see the wonders of this beaty. That band turned really famous all thanks to the flute. At the distance it would seem like a shiny curved pole with random keys thrown on it. People would go just to see that

the clarinet

About the clarinet

The Clarinet is another one of my favorite instruments. the clarinet was made around the 1690, a single wood wind instrument. johann christoph denner of nuremburawith the help ofher son they both created it.

the trumpet

Im preety sure you have heard ofthe trumpet . A very popular instrument. the trumpet is one of my favorite instruments. you should hear it if you havent already ,andwhen you do you will fall in love with it like me. its amazing