Why Containment in communism worked

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My Side Of The Story

A lot of people say that communism wasnt contained because it could still spread. Those people then use the 'Cuba and Vietnam examples',but to be honest with you I think communism containment did succeed. Not only are there five actual communist countries,but four of them are contained on one side of the earth and the other one is tiny old Cuba. And before I can go into the hardcore,gut goring, but interesting facts we have actually know what communism is.

What is Communism?

Communism is a government/economic system that promotes a class less society based on common ownership of products and property or to sum it up its a a government system that thinks everyone should or is equal. So they do things like paying everyone the same amount and banning any religion that doesn't envole communism.

Why do we have Communism?

Communism was founded by Mao Zedong. He grew up as a poor farmer, but he had enough to go to school. He studied communism and became a member of the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party. After that he became the leader of the Communist Red Army.
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Cultural Revolution

The point of the Cultural Revolution was to renew spirit. Mao wanted everyone to focus on communism,so he banned old Chinese traditions, foreign ideas,religions,and self expression through arts. Mao's wife,Madam Mao, was in charge of the revolution. He even gave high school students to form red guards the power to enforce the policies of the Cultural Revolution.

Tiananmen Square and Communism's effect on people

Twenty-five years ago Chinese troops retook Tiananmen Square in Beijing where College students and a few elders had set up camp for weeks to protest communism. The Tiananmen Square massacre left an unknown number of dead people, with some estimates in the thousands, and smothered a democratic movement.

Communism and all the important events that go along with it has changed China alot. All of China's people may be equal,but are they happy? China has basically isolated it's self from the world. They brainwashed their children by making them read the little red book and encouraging them to become part of the red army. There has been alot of fighting between China's government and it's people. After all of these events the people try less and their government tries too hard.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War lasted 19 years (1955-1975). A man named Ho Chi Minh wanted to work Vietnamese independence from the French. "He thought the communist party was the best route to take because the communist were outspoken critics of European colonialism".Many nationalist and revolutionary movements occurred during French control. In 1945, communist leader,Ho Chi Minh,started a nine year war with the French. In 1954,the French gave up the country to Ho Chi Minh. Soon the United States heard what had happened to Vietnam and got involved. Ho Chi Minh had the the north and the United States had the south. North vietnam didn't want just one half of vietnam they wanted every part to bne communist. The United States and North Vietnam fought for many years but on 1975. North Vietnam took South Vietnam and became one,but "While the new country was communist,most of the other countries I'm the region did not become!e communist". Which means the 'spread' that people keep talking about is not as big as they are making it.

The Korean War

Even though we couldn't prevent Vietnam from being communism we could help one county. South Korea! Now that we know what communism is,we can talk about the events that had everyone debating if containmemt worked or not. The korean war was a war that lasted 2-3 years and was started by North Korea. North Korea's general,Chai Ung Chia, invaded South Korea in over 6 routes. They did this because North Korea wanted to unite all of Korea under communist rule.Both the United Nations and the United States got involed and sided with South Korea (south Korea wanted a Democratic government system). The United States got involved because of a common theory called the Domino Theory. Its the theory that if one country turned communist then other countries in Asia would too. During that war they split North Korea and South Korea at the 38th parallel. The war ended in a stalemate and in 1953 an armistice was signed."South Korea has become a prosperous country embracing Democratic ideals. North Korea remains a comminist-led county that has suffered many economic problems over the years".

-Georgia CRCT Coach lesson 34 pg.188-189

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To sum it all up...

Communism really was contained because like I said before,Not only are there five actual communist countries,but four of them are contained on one side of the earth and the other one is tiny old Cuba. A if a communist country tries to spread they wouldn't last long because a lot of communist coumtries don't have a very nice economy. "South Korea has become a prosperous country embracing Democratic idea,North Korea remains a communist-led county that has suffered many economic problems.
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