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Week of February 8, 2016

I hope you had an awesome weekend! Welcome back!!

WIDA Testing

Thanks to Karen, Marci, Jackie, Barb, and Jill for sharing their space for our WIDA testing this week!

Monday in the EL Room

3rd 8:45-9:45 R

2nd 10:00-11:00 R

Tuesday in the Library

1st 8:45-10:15 S & W

Wednesday in the Library

2nd 9:15-11:25 S & W

Thursday in the FROG room

3rd 9:15-10:45 S & W

4th & 5th 10:45-12:00 S & W

ISTEP Practice Test

Dr. McCall said we should receive the practice test booklets this week. Remember that we will be taking the paper and pencil version, not online. The format is similar to last year, in that you may use the practice test instructionally. Even though I have created a practice test schedule (added onto the ISTEP testing draft I send last week), you can choose to spend more time than what I have allotted. Students with an IEP,EL, or 504 should be given their accommodations on the practice test. ELA sections 2a and 2b should be given together. Be sure to go over and discuss the correct answers after the test. PLEASE NOTE FROM IDOE: Practice test materials are not to leave the classroom or be sent home with students. Please talk with your grade level team to ensure you administer the practice test appropriately and ensure your students feel comfortable and confident. I have emailed grades 3-5 more information about this practice test, including the Examiner's Manual for each grade level and the Answer Key. Please be sure to review and return all practice materials to me for security purposes. If I can help, please let me know. Thanks!

Collaboration Wednesday

We will meet in the Lounge at 7:45 to view an online Smenkens PD called "Increasing Scores on State Assessment in Reading".

PBIS Tier II Meeting on Thursday at 7:45 a.m.

We will be entering data from CICO sheets and discussing interventions with our Tier II kiddos. Please be sure to put your information in the gray folders before Thursday. Feel free to join us if you have any students who you would like to discuss. Thanks!

Fire Evacuation Secondary Exits

You will find copies of our secondary fire evacuation routes in your mailbox this week. This secondary route should be included in your red plastic emergency folders. Please make sure you are familiar with where you should exit the building if your primary exit is closed off.

Bottled Water

Mariane has bottled water for you to keep in your classrooms in the event of an emergency. Please be sure to see Mariane this week to get the bottled water for your class. I realize storage is an issue for many of us, but it is the district's requirement that you keep bottled water for each of your students in your classroom.

Thought for the Week: You Are Amazing! Thank You!

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No School Friday or Monday!

Enjoy your long weekend! We are heading to Indy for a 3 day volleyball tournament for Sydney. This is all new to us, so I am hoping there is enough down time for a little relaxation with the fam! I hope you get to have some fun and relaxation, too. Thanks for all you do for our kids. Recharge those batteries and remember, you guys are the best!