The Nicholson Museum

By Annie & Amelia

On Tuesday 13th of August, stage 3 students from Epping Heights P.S went on a excursion to the Nicholson Museum.We went on a bus and sat with our friends.Lots of people were very excited.When we arrived we saw a lot of things.

First, we split into our camp groups.Then our group learnt about sculpture's stories.I learnt stories that i had never heard before.

After that we saw Mummies and pictures of skeletones.The teacher told us what it was.It was fun.

Next,we went on a bus and went to the Imax.We waited a bit, then we went in and saw a movie called 'The secret of mummies.'iT WAS 3D.It was really exciting.

I think that the Nicholson Museum was great fun.I hope i can come again.