4Sprise News

News for the Month of November

Upcoming November Events

  • Student Voting: Students who registered to vote will get to cast their vote on Tuesday, November 6th!
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on November 8-9
  • NO SCHOOL: There will be no school for students on Friday, November 9
  • Book Fair: The Book Fair is here November 6-12
  • Art-reach Assembly: The Children's Theater will be visiting on Wednesday, November 7 to present the play, "The Legend of Spooky Hollow"
  • Recognition Assembly: On Wednesday, November 7 we will be holding our first quarter recognition assembly
  • 4th Grade Musical: 7:00 PM on Thursday, November 15th. It will be held here at the Elementary School.
  • Class Spelling Bees: The class spelling bees will be held November 15, 16, and 19th.
  • Sharing Assembly: The Kids Who Care Club is collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items. We will be presenting the canned goods at the Sharing Assembly on Tuesday, November 20th,
  • Thanksgiving Break: Thanksgiving Break will be Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23. No School for Students!

What's New in Language Arts?

Our classes have begun the book study of the Andrew Clements book, Frindle. We have been working on reading, thinking about our reading, responding, and discussing the elements of the story.

We will be learning all about plot structure this month. Students will be identifying the characters, setting, and the main events of the story. We will be identifying the actions that lead up to the problem, attempts to solve the problem, and the resolution of the story.

In writing, we just finished up our personal narrative "seed" stories. Next, students will be testing out their knowledge of facts and opinions with persuasive pieces. Students will be choosing a topic to research facts about and will draw their own conclusions on the topics.

What's New in Math

This month is all about number sense! Students have been studying patterns in "In and Out" tables, identifying factors and multiples of numbers, and have been identifying fact family relationships. Below is a picture of one of the math projects some of the students created. We made "Factor and Multiple" brooms with numbers! Students will also be studying the relationships of numbers and how they fit together in balanced number models.

We have also been working on problem solving strategies.

Make sure to continue to practice math facts! We're working on subtraction fact fluency, and will soon be moving on to multiplication! A great math resource is Math Magician to help out with timed tests. http://resources.oswego.org/games/mathmagician/cathymath.html

What's New in Science

During second quarter, our students have become scientists! We put on our lab coats each day to study water. We are currently studying the properties of water including how water interacts with materials, what happens when water is heated up and chilled, and the density of water.

Next, students will learn all about the water cycle and evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Both classes will be traveling to Green Acres to further our study of water at the end of November! More information to follow.