Zack Qual, Becky Wik, Shelby Reiff & Noele Blevins

What is VoiceThread?

Voice Thread is a great app for interactive teaching. You can easily make exciting videos easily. You can voice record, video record, draw, and you can comment. VoiceThread is a super easy tool that you can even have your students use for. Something more interesting than a poster or PowerPoint. This would be a great tool to use in a flipped classroom setting because it can give your students so much more than just the usual presentation.

How to use VoiceThread...

VoiceThread is very easy to use.

  1. You will need to sign up for an account.
  2. You will have to create a New thread.
  3. You can insert images, powerpoints, even YouTube videos!
  4. Once you insert your desired material you can start working on the presentation. This is where you will add the information by drawing, commenting, voice recording, or by video recording. And you can use all those tools throughout the whole presentation!
  5. After you are done using your tools press play and make sure it looks good.
  6. When you have your desired results click on the x in the right hand corner and then click share to share with your class!