Mayor Crabb!

By Delaney Markwardt

Mayor crabb

Nelson is retired from being a Mayor to clear lake. Nelson is retired from north Iowa area community college after spending 38 years of eduction. At NIACC he was the director of secondary edoution.

He spent 28 years as an educator, counselor, coach, administater, you can say that he was a very busy man.

Nelson Crabb is married to Darclar, and he has 3 children, Tina, Andy, and Katie. Mayor Crabb has 6 grandchildren.

He has been a member to chair and Parks and recreation, presedent of the Iowa counselor association, presedent of the association of career of technical educator.

In Nelsons free time he like to go hunting, traveling, master gardener, sports spector, and lake activities

Being a mayor is a very inpotan job. It is more than just sitting inan office, Mayor Crabb has put his time in foe us. thank you mayor Crabb.