Genetically Modified Organisms

Unnatural, and ruining our earth one crop at a time!

GM food poses health risks for certain people

In GM products genes can be introduced from unrelated species such as a fish gene could be put into a plant. And because so many people, primarily children, are allergic to peanuts these alterations could pose a threat for a new allergen.

Another hazard Gm food's posses is the possibility of the bacteria in out guts could pick up antibiotic resistance genes commonly found in may Gm products. If this transfer is successful it could exasperate the spread of disease causing bacteria.

GM crop technology will hurt small farms!

Small farms are being threatened by large farms rushing into GMO. On top of the competition, North American farmers are suing small farms for raising GM plants with out paying for them, when in reality the pollen blew over to neighboring fields. Also these crops are too expensive for small farms to afford, further increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. Which is exactly what we don't want.

Also with GM plants there is more chance for economic downfall. Such as the quinoa, America was going to start mass producing this, causing Bolivian farmers who normally supply quinoa to face a severe blow. But, luckily, due to protests this patent was not passed. GM crops will also eliminate the uniqueness of each farm and there location, climate, and environmental conditions. Causing small farms to loose whatever uniqueness and importance they had.

GMO's harm the environment!

Many believe that the GMO project is uncontrolled in itself and it's consequences are unknown. The greatest fear in this change is it'e negative effects on the environment. Such as the monarch butterfly, 56 percent of monarchs died when surrounded by GM milkweed, compared the the 0 monarchs that died when surrounded by the natural milkweed.

GM crops claim to be herbicides, when Canadian researchers admitted that GM crop are weeds themselves. But not only are they a problem themselves, they can create a whole other problem. People are worried that virus's will snatch resistance traits from GM crops. Causing them to evolve into a whole new problem, a serious problem.

GMO's go against nature, and is unnatural!

Mother nature works hard every day to create natural beauty for us, and who are we to snatch that away and tamper/experiment with what she has so generously given to us. With GMO we are pretending that we have the knowledge to substitute human for nature selection. Scientists placed genes from fish to try and make a strawberry be anti-freeze, which later proved to be unsuccessful.

Inserted unrelated regions, is against many peoples religion and beliefs. It not only insert unwanted genes in food, but also the doubt in peoples mind when they are eating a tomato that it is highly possible it contains a pigs gene. This act is completely unhumanitarian.

Bio-tech companies are profit driven and are oblivious to the risks to nature and people!

In order to secure patents and reap profits, firms are underestimating the negative effect, but over promoting the fake, few benefits. Also all the talk about GMO being able to feed and fix the malnutrition problem in third world countries are all wrong. Bio-tech companies are growing high-volume crops such as soybeans rather than the crops that will actually benefit third world countries.

GM food suffers from poor oversight and regulation

Bio-tech farms have been deploying crops too quickly, and too much, with out proper testing or public debate. And the three companies that are said to be overseeing all their crops, are lax when checking and in security.

Another issue is with the GM food's security. All food that is possibly GM is not labeled, therefore the consumer is completely unaware of the hazards they are eating. This is security for bio-tech farms because if someone gets sick due to these fake genes, it cannot be traced back to GMO.