4C News

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Scholastic Orders are now Digital!

Each student is bringing home a packet of September orders. You can also access them using the link below! All orders due September 23rd!



Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are up and running! This year my math class and a couple other 4th grade classes will take part in a pilot of the Everyday Mathematics program. I am teaching the same exact standards as the rest of the teachers, just using different materials. The kids took a baseline fact quiz on Monday. Many were disappointed with the results. This type of quiz has two scores. The one minute score takes into account only the questions answered within the first minute up until a question is skipped or missed. So, if the first question is missed or skipped, the 1-minute score is a 0%. The 3-minute score accounts for all the correct answers on the quiz. The kids graphed their results and will continue that graphing throughout the beginning of the year so they can track their progress. Fact quizzes will be given on Fridays!

Please look for the Remind invitation (Mrs. Close's Math Class) in your child's Friday Folder. This math group allows me to send out information directly to the families of my math kiddos.

Mr Hart ~ This week in math we started to complete the I Ready diagnostic test for math to determine where the students are in relation to grade level. this will help me close any gaps the kids might have with regards to our curriculum. We also started module 1. This module teaches the kids about the importance of place value, addition, subtraction and solving multi step word problems. In your child's Friday folder is a sheet asking you to sign them up for Xtra Math a computer based fact improvement program. If your child is already signed up please sign them up using my code so that I get notified of their progress. I will be speaking with them today about an incentive for learning their facts. My math class will have some type of homework in math two to three times a week. With that being said, I do not expect the kids to spend more than a solid 20 minutes finishing the assignment. We will always have time in class to begin assignments, so that I can assist students if they are not sure how to complete the work.

Student Government

Eight 4C students campaigned to be elected as our Student Government Classroom Representative. I'm so proud of all of the students for taking the risk! I'm proud to report that Desmond will be our representative and Ammon will be the alternate. More information will be coming home next week for these two guys.

Special Opportunies


On Monday, Mrs. Coleates presented information to the students regarding the Geography Bee. A few kids have shown interest. Please see the embedded flyer for more information.


Another extra opportunity will be the Spelling Bee. Mrs. Coleates will be sharing information regarding this competition during the coming week.


Mrs. Coleates will share information with the students about robotics in October.


Our first field trip is a week from today! I will be picking the t-shirts up on Wednesday so we'll have them for our trip. Please watch the weather closely so you know how your child should dress. Most of the day will be spent indoors. Also, all students will need to bring a lunch unless you indicated on the permission slip that you want a lunch from the cafeteria.

I chose out of a bowl.....one adult from the Oster family and one adult from the Brzesinski family are invited to join us. Thanks in advance for meeting us at Ganondagan! I apologize to the families who weren't chosen. There will be more opportunities!

Instrument Lessons

Our lesson day will always be Thursday. The first lessons for the instrumentalists will be September 19th! The expectation is that kids will bring them to school Thursday mornings and then bring them home. They will need to practice! Starting mid-November, band and orchestra ensembles will begin to meet on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:00.


We have begun our first unit based on structures of life. Plants will be our focus for the first month. Next week the kids will be creating mini sprouters and taking daily notes on changes they see after adding water to seeds.

ELA/Social Studies

I had the opportunity to listen to each child read this week to create our baseline benchmarks. It's just another layer of the "getting to know you" work. The kids did an awesome job of rotating through stations that involved iReady, cursive, multiple choice work, and even science work!

This week I'll teach the kids a lot about the Haudenosaunee. Be sure to ask them later in the week about Dekanawida, otherwise know as The Great Peacekeeper.

Great Things that Happened this Week.........

  • kids helping other kids when a water bottle, or two, spilled
  • the sharing of markers and colored pencils
  • math students proud of their progress from Monday to Friday on multiplication facts
  • all of the hugs, smiles, and high fives
  • kids reminding me to keep my glasses on :)
  • kids showing manners and kindness by holding the doors for others

Important Dates

September 18 - School Pictures

September 19 - First day of Instrument Lessons!

September 20 - Ganondagan Trip