John (Plato)

kyra kloepping.

character traits.

Plato is very friendly. He goes to the chickie run to support Jim the first day they become friends. When the guys come to his house looking for information about Jim he keeps it private and gets beat up because he is trying to protect him. After the guys steal his address book he runs over to Jim's house to make sure he is okay.

He is also very lonely. Plato doesn't have any friends before Jim moves to his town. He is also looking for a father figure. This is shown when he plays house at the mansion with Jim and Judy. They play house because none of them have stable families and that symbolizes how they lack family love.

family issues.

His parents are divorced and his father is completely out of the picture. His mom is never home so the only person he has is his maid. She tries her best to take care of him but will never be the same as an actual mother. At the end of the story it shows how there is a gun on hand for Plato to just take. This proves that he had easy access to a gun.

Plato did not learn from his experiences or change because he got shot at the end of the movie.

the mansion.

When Plato, Judy, and Jim go to the mansion it resembles how all three of them lack normal families. They play house in the mansion because all three of them wish they had love from their families.


Having an unstable family life leads to kids doing bad things.


What character do you most relate to and why?

Jim because he changed a lot and learns from his mistakes.