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save blushes & time and find leaks before the Pro turns up!

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Air is free; uncontrolled air is expensive!

Find leaks in the air tight layer and repair them at your convienience

As Building Regulations & other stringent standards (e.g. Passive House Standard etc.) makes air leakage testing mandatory, the requirement for all building professionals to have a house significantly air tight in advance of the first fix or final air leakage test is a must.

The Zephair Pre Pro will help the user (builder, window installer, air tightness installer etc.) to under pressurise the building (or part of a building) and whilst this is happening you can walk the rooms and find the remaining weak points in the continuous air tight layer and repair them.

This can be done whilst the rest of the various trades continue to work so disruption to progress will be minimised.

The Zephair Pre Pro can be set up in either an inward or outward opening window or door and clamped in place using its own clamping system with the extra area being sealed with air tight membrane.

The Pre Pro has a dial that shows the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the building and if you can achieve a 50Pa pressure difference with the Pre Pro you can be confident that when the professional tester turns up they too will be able to achieve the pressure threshold required to test to the relevant standard.

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So how do you find the leaks?

Made in Ireland

The Zephair Pro-Pro is designed & manufacturered in Ireland using world class fan technology.

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