Vacuum Cleaner

By Julianne Taylor

How it was made

In 1907, James Spangler, invented the vacuum cleaner. He assumed that the carpet sweeper was what caused his sneezing and his allergies. He used an old fan motor,he attached it to a soap box stapled to a broom handle, Used the pillow case as a dust collector, and he made the electric and portable vacuum cleaner.

How it works

You have to turn it on and run it across the floor and it takes a lot of dust off of flat and bumpy surfaces. How it works is when you turn it on, It uses the motor to suck up air and that is what makes the suction. Since air is so thin that it could go through the pillow case, the dust could not so the air got back out of the pillow case. The vacuum cleaner now is more advanced than ever. There are ones that you can get to the ceiling. There are ones that you just turn on and it does it for you.

Over the Years

Vacuum cleaners have changed a lot over the years. It went from pillow cases, soap boxes, and fan motors. And it went to having it all done for us. People actually had to take care of themselves. When they made things they thought it was a whole lot easier with all of this stuff that had been invented. That was just the start of all of the craziness. then more version of everything came out and it was hard to make all of it all the time.

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Vacuum Cleaner History