Freshman Academy

Marking Period 2 Updates

Pyramid of Success

Students have been continuing their learning about the characteristics of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. On Thursday, December 8, students from both teams, Blue and Gold, were recognized during an assembly for demonstrating these specific characteristics:

  • LOYALTY: Monica Curry & Joey Delaney
  • SELF-CONTROL: Ella Platt & Molly Boyle
  • ALERTNESS: Shane Dunbar & Gabrielle Rovetto
  • INITIATIVE: Larry Leve & Erin King
  • INTENTNESS: Brianna Sinche & Juliette Miller

Two students were also recognized for demonstrating the quality of OWNERSHIP from the Freshman Academy ROCK mantra.

  • Hannah Evers & Tyler Costa

In addition to the award ceremony, Mr. Byrne spoke with the students about the importance of being intentional with our words and actions because they can be difficult to take back.

To illustrate this concept, the students were asked to participate in two timed competitions:

(1) who could squeeze toothpaste out of a tube the fastest

(2) who could put the toothpaste back into the tube

Needless to say, the latter proved to be the most difficult, mirroring how words and actions cannot be taken back so easily.

Winter Pep Rally

To usher in the holiday season, VTHS Student Council organized a spirit week that included dress-up days, hallway and door decorating contests, and a winter pep rally.

The Freshmen represented their class well in all activities!

Poetry Out Loud

On Thursday, January 12, VTHS English teacher Kathy Weyant brought back the annual Poetry Out Loud contest. This is a national recitation competition among American high schools. 60 of our students summoned the courage to present a memorized poem for the competition in front of two esteemed judges and an audience of their peers.

An astounding 31 of the 60 students represented the Freshman class. They earned 5 honorable mentions with one student receiving the 3rd place medal for VTHS:

3rd place: Uriah Sacdlan - "Siren Song"

Honorable Mentions:

  • Leilani Alicea - "The Lamb:
  • Juliette Jalbert - "Dirge Without Music"
  • Caitlyn Jensen - "The Glories of Our Blood and State"
  • Liam Kelter - "Grief"
  • Thomas Kimball - "Truth Is, I Would Like to Escape Myself"

Way to go Freshman Academy!

On the Lookout

  • Marking Period 2 ends Monday, January 30, 2023
  • Midterms begin Monday, January, 30 (please see linked ==> schedule)
  • Peer Tutoring is available through the National Honor Society

--take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for midterms during your lunch block!

  • Wednesday, Feb. 8 - Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony
  • Friday, Feb. 10 - Broadway Night
  • Saturday, Feb. 11 - Colors of Excellence Valentine's Dance