Faculty Update

April 19, 2015

Be on the lookout..

Two items you need to look for in your inbox:

1. An email with your contract was sent by personnel. Contracts are due by April 27th.

2. An email regarding EVAAS or SAS - this is an important email for teachers in grades 3, 4 and 5. We will discuss what to do with it during late start...just be on the lookout :)


Erin was certainly surprised with the announcement... and her students and guest speakers were delighted. We are so proud to have her represent Rosewood next year. Congratulations Erin !

Papers and Desks

If Damon or I are out of our office and you need to leave something for either of us, please either give the item to Mrs. Knapp (she has folders she gives each of us daily) or place the item(s) in the box in the main office with our names.

There are times we leave quickly to respond to something in the building and sensitive items may not be properly put away. It will also ensure nothing is lost or overlooked.

Thank you for your help

Thursday and Friday

Please be reminded, the 5th grade trip to Atlanta is Thursday and Friday. Since Mrs. DiStasio is going on the trip and Mr. Ward will also be out on Friday, we have Christopher Roorda (principal at Finley Road) who will be filling in for us on Friday. He is looking forward to seeing our teachers in action and talking with students.

Our 5th graders are SO excited about this trip. Thank you to everyone who has helped prepare and fundraise to make the trip possible.

Reminder: Calendar and Budget Requests

Please be sure to get these two important forms to us ASAP....this will certainly help with planning for next school year. We need to identify and calendar conflicts early.

Forms are on Canvas (under the module Forms and Documents)

Peer Observations

The 1st grade and 2nd grade teachers have completed their team observation of a team planned lesson for math workshop....they had great things to share. We are excited to hear all the great things you are learning from one another. It sounds like this has been a great experience so far. After all teams have concluded their observations this month we will discuss next steps and how this can continue to help us as we work as Professional Learning Communities.

Thank you for your commitment to being awesome ! I know you love getting to see each other in action.

REMINDER: Save the Date.... April 28th

District Faculty Meetings

In order to communicate very important district information, the district will be hosting district faculty meetings to discuss the following:

1. Capital and Technology Plans

2. District Culture Survey Results

Please see our assigned date and location below. Every faculty/staff member needs to attend a faculty meeting. Dr. Pew has asked principals to ensure that every faculty/staff member attends the session. I will attend both sessions, so please see me upon arrival and I will check you in for Rosewood. On the date you attend, please feel free to leave immediately after supervising students in order to be able to make it to the session, take care of personal business, etc.

April 28th at Northwestern High School Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

April 30th- Make Up Session at 4:00 Sullivan Middle School

Note:for those who work Challenger, Mr. Bartless will work a schedule for certified teachers to be able to attend a session.

Use the hashtags: #RWESlions #EXTRAORDINARY #IBPYP

Do You Know Our Vision?

To be the most EXTRAORDINARY public International Baccalaureate school in the country