Child Care Services

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference :)

The Education and Knowledge you need to know is:

1. Consumer and Personal service

2. Psychology

3. Education and Training

4. English Language

The skills that are required are:

1. Monitoring

2. Service Orientation

3. Speaking

4. Critical Thinking

5. Social Perceptiveness

6. Active Listening

7. Coordination

8. Judgement and Decision Making

9. Reading Comprehension

10. Time Management

Job Discription and Duties

1. Clean playing space

2. Be able to change and dress kids

3. Make sure to observe and monitor the childrens activities

4. Make sure to stay in contact with the childrens parents about daily activities, behaviors, and related issues

5. Keep a record of all the children


1. The salary is about $19,600 per year

2. Every hour you work you get paid $9.42

The Outlook and Growth

1. The growth is 14% from the years 2012-2022

The Location and Hours Worked

1. The hours worked is a 12 hour shift 7AM- 7PM Monday-Friday

2. The location does not matter


I have learned that my values are the tasks and knowledge. I need to have these values so that you can make the parents and the kids happy about the surroundings. The skills I will need is communication with people so that you will be able to make yourslef and others happy. I'm intrested in this job is because growing up i did not have many people there to help me except for the people in school. This is why i would like to be a Child Care Worker.
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