Soldier Island's Mysterious Murders

By Emily Thompson

10 people, dying by the day.

Soldier Island is an island off the Devon coast in England. It belongs to the mysterious "U.N.Owen". 2 people, Ethel and Thomas Rogers, are working there for "Mrs. Owen", and 8 others are lured there for various reasons. The thing is, No one has seen these Owen people. A record, titled Swan Song for some strange reason, suddenly starts playing. It is accusing them of murdering someone. They say, "He's a madman swinging around accusations!" By the end of the first night of their week-long stay, one of them is dead. They are convinced that these Owens are hiding, and murdering them. A few days later, they search the island, and find that there is no one there but them, so they now know that one of them is the murderer. At this point in time, the remaining people (suspects) are:

  • Philip Lombard
  • Dr. Armstrong
  • Vera Claythorne
  • Emily Brent
  • Rogers
  • Wargrave
  • Blore

Granted, one of the others (Mrs. Rogers, Marston, and General Macarthur) could have faked their death.

Author's Editorial

Awesome Book

Agatha Christie was one of my mom's favorite authors, and she's probably one of mine now, too. And Then There Were None is such a good book. It is a must read for all who love mysteries. To find out who the murderer really is, you have to read this manuscript at the very end. I thought that it was Vera, because she was the last known one on the island, but it is actually Wargrave. He watched Vera shoot Lombard, stood in the shadows watching Vera hang herself, set the chair up neatly, then used the elastic cord on his glasses to shoot himself and preserve Vera's fingerprints so that the mystery of Soldier Island is unsolvable unless someone finds the note in the bottle.