Westward Expansion

Written by Caleb Gates

Manifest Destiny Painting

In this painting everybody is moving west in the United States. It seems as if the Native Americans, Bison, and most of the wildlife, are getting pushed west by the settlers. The settlers are building rail road tracks, bringing wagons, farming, digging for gold, and telegraph lines to start new settlements. The girl floating in the painting in my opinion is like a guardian angel. She is making sure the settlers are safe on there expansion to the west.
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Trails West Map

Oregon Trail: Settlers came to claim land.

Mormon Trail: Mormons used this trail to make a colony.

Santa Fe Trail: Traders used this trail to trade goods.

California Trail: Miners and settlers came and used this trail for land and gold.

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Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas because it was new. They heard many great stories about the west and Texas. Then when settlers heard they were trying to start a colony or town in Texas they moved down there. The battle of the Alamo was a long dreadful battle. As the Texans held out for two weeks before finally Santa Anna (Mexico's leader) killed all the Texans. Later Santa Anna killed 350 prisoners. The battle of San Jacinto was a great battle for the Texans. Sam Houston leaded an army and surrounded Santa Anna's camp and defeated them quickly. To keep battling the Texans shouted "Remember the Alamo" which pushed them to press on. They ended up catching Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty which granted Texas Independence.

Mexican-American War

There was confusion between Mexico and America on were the border was. America though they owned everything to the Rio Grande and Mexico thought they owned everything to the Nueces River. The Bear Flag Revolt was in July of 1846 a small group of American settlers rebelled against the Mexican Government and made California and independent government. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed on February 2. 1848. It entitled the treaty of peace, limits, and settlement between the U.S. and Mexico. The Gadsden Purchase was and agreement between U.S. and Mexico which was finalized in 1854. The United States agreed to pay 10 million dollars to Mexico 29,670.

Gold Rush Preformance Writing

March 21, 1852

Dear, Family

I finally got to the river. I haven't been able to start mining yet because i'm still setting up my camp. Everybody's starving. Food is scarce here and food prices are high. Everybody's protective of there claims and some sleep next to the river side to protect them. Many people have been shot trying to steal gold or mining on somebody else claim. It's tough here and I haven't even started. I will frequently right to you. Wish me luck.

Sincerely, Dave