A Frighteningly Excellent Month!

October 28, 2013

Dearest 1st Impressions UK and FRENCH Team,

What a month we are having! Our 12 in 12 Booking Incentive really lit a fire under many of us and got us dialing for dollars. In September our team held 105 shows. In October we'll finish up with roughly 205 and in November, we've got 270 scheduled to date with 20 already having orders placed!!! Seriously FABULOUS TEAM!!!! And I know many of you have been focusing on booking in tight to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month so when we get beyond that, no doubt more November shows will surface.

I'm so very proud of all of you in whatever capacity you are moving your business forward. Each step is an important one and will bring you back the energy you put into your business. Cheers to you ALL!

4 More Days to Go!

This is the time to drive your business home. Here are some guidelines:
  1. Listen to this recorded call with my dear friend and Star Director Christy Goodman on her tips for sponsoring this season. She's amazing and has such a wonderful, genuine way about her: http://www2.powwownow.co.uk/Recordings/recording/id/59653
  2. Mark your calendar for your local S&D Meet Up next week. US/CAN CLICK HERE ; UK CLICK HERE ; FRANCE CLICK HERE Reach out to your customers for a few last sales by talking about our Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser to get you to your goal. (If you qualify with $500/£600 this month, you are in the running for your Consistency Bonus & Business Supply Credits!)
  3. Shout about our New Stylist Sign Up Special from the rooftops! Take 30 mins. today/tomorrow to share the news.
  4. Front load your November Calender so you're coming from a place of ABUNDANCE. Shows you hold in early November will lead to more shows later in the month.
  5. Plan a big goal for yourself and follow through! No better time than now to go for it! (People need to shop, they want to connect, and gifts are on everyone's minds. All it takes is for us to pick up the phone and offer away!)
  6. READY. SET. GO!!!!!!


UK Stylists, lets Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor! There is no better time to join this business than right now – just think of all the product credit your new stylists would get in their jumpstart this season, plus an extra £75 sign-up special… So, we challenge you to a Sponsoring Sprint. How does it work?

  1. Starting now you have 48 hours to have as many conversations as possible. Be bold, be brave and most importantly have ‘casual confidence’.
  2. Write your list of hot, warm and cold potential Stylists and work your way through them.
  3. Get out there and meet more people – at the school gates, coffee shops, the hairdressers. Wherever it is just make sure you have your 60 second commercial ready.
  4. Listen to STAR DIRECTOR CHRISTY GOODMAN'S CALL (listed above) for more hints and tips to sponsoring up a storm!
  5. Share your stories, successes and results over the next 48 hours on our UK 1st Impresssions Team Page.
  6. Whether its having 15 conversations to booking in a coffee today with someone you have been talking to for months. Whatever it is, we want to hear YOUR story! Best of luck, and lets get sharing that opportunity! XOXOXOX


Take a list to these Time Management Tips from the fabulous Anita Krpata.


We had a great time in Mexico and have heard that our next trip is going to blow Mexico out of the water! TBA in Jan but plan on going as this COULD be an INTERNATIONAL event!

I'm off to make my booking and sponsoring calls! Let's DO this together!