Hip Hop

By Daniella Lopez, deeksha dee park, and Annalisa Valles

Hip Hop History

-Hip Hop music and culture formed during the 1970's

-Hip Hop dance includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping

-Hip Hop was made popular by dance crews in the United States

-Commercialization of hip hop dance continued into the 1920's and 2000's with shows and movies such as The Grind, Planet B-boy, Rize, Street Dance 3D, America's Best Dance Crew, Saigon Electric, Step Up, and The LXD

-Maintains strong presence in urban neighborhoods which has led to turfing, kuru ping, and jerkin'

-Hip Hop was created in the Bronx

-Hip includes a variety of urban styles

Dave Scott

Dave Scott is an award-winning hip hop choreographer. He has never taken a dance class or had any formal training. He describes his choreography style as aggressive and energetic.


In 2003, he was a guest choreographer on The Wade Robson Project. He was also a guest choreographer on Step it up and Dance and on season seven Dancing with the Stars. Since season three he has been a recurring hip-hop choreographer on the show So You Think You Can Dance.