Education Code Of Ethics

Educators Code of Ethics? I Say Yes!

Why a Code Would Address Personal and Community Values?

I believe a code would help address personal and community values. The reason I believe the code would help personal values is because it will let you keep some perspective on what and how its appropriate to carry your personal life to were it doesn't conflict with your professional life. The code would also help with the community values. Community values and opinion coincides with the code and rules that are in place at your neighborhood school. Those codes that are in place helps the community stay in line with the right decisions for the community which is made up of the product of schooling.

Would a Code Help With Professional Decision Making? Yes!

The code would help keep the educator organized. The educator would know off the bat what and how to handle yourself professionally. The right way to develop yourself as an educator and build a great persona and reputation. Educators need to have a guideline that is easily followed and they would to be taught this code and given demonstration on how to correctly use the code in and out of the classroom. So this code would help the professional make decisions not morally but by the code only.

How a Code Would Help Potential Conflict of Ethics and Legal Concerns?

The code would bring order and keep confusion away. If they had any issues it would be with the code on changing or adding something new to the code of ethics. The code would eliminate legal concerns and help bring up ethics make it better and more well rounded. This code is meant to eliminate any and all concerns and bring the focus back on teaching and educating our future.