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Stand Up - Verbal Bullying in Adolescent Girls


"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members"

--- Self-Reliance

Why is Self-Confidence so important?

Having Self-Confidence can lead to a stronger being and a more successful life. It also allows you to have the inner strength to stand up for yourself or another. If everyone had confidence in themselves the amount of psychological disorders would most likely decrease significantly. Not to mention how the atmosphere in society would be open to adjust to a much more kinder environment.

Young adults make large impacts

Many could argue that the destruction of self-confidence occurs at all ages in the world. However, the actions of high schoolers is much more obvious and easy to point out. Now with technology flourishing all around, high schoolers have found creative ways to hide behind their comments, blocking confrontations. Social media has become the new home to bullying. Too often kids are threatening their own life for feeling so down about themselves. It is important to that those people find help and those causing it see their damage.

How can you help?

The best way to help build confidence is know how to not break it down
3 Ways to Boost your Self Esteem

Iredell County

How can we take a stand?

The most common form of bullying in Iredell County takes place online.

Once something is posted online, whether it be deleted or not, it is in the technological atmosphere forever. People must be aware of their actions online and take the time to think before acting. If bullying were to stop, students would be able to focus more on matters that are important such as education and positive life experiences rather than getting caught up in drama that either tears them down or causes them trouble.

What are the numbers?

  • About 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online with one in four being verbally attacked more than once.
  • About 35 percent of kids have been threatened online.
  • About 58 percent of kids and teens have reported that something mean has been said about them or to them online.
  • Other bullying statistics show that about 77 percent of students have admitted to being the victim of one type of bullying or another.


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