Frequent Flyer #2: It's a Kahoot!


Kahoot! is a fantastic eLearning tool which I heard about at a workshop presented by Tony Vincent at the Slide-2-learn Conference in Sydney. Basically, teachers and/or students create quizzes/surveys/discussions on ANY device which has a web browser. You can also embed videos and images into the quiz, allowing students to watch and respond. When a quiz is created, a game pin is generated. Players use this game pin to play. They join the game from any device, through the Kahoot app or by ggoing to '' in any web browser. NB: You don't have to have an account to participate in a quiz. Questions are answered in real time and scores are displayed on an on-screen leaderboard...very engaging and a heap of fun!!!! In order to see how it works try the Public Quizzes !


Monday, Sep. 15th, 3:15-3:45pm

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School Library, Charlotte St, Ashfield

You will need:
  • an ipad or a notebook/laptop
  • a happy face
  • a cuppa

Sweet treat provided!

Get ready...

Kahoot! Gamify Your Class

Frequent Flyer Challenge #1: It's a Kahoot!

The Challenge...let's play a public Kahoot!

NB: The teacher needs to create an account and log in, in order to access a public Kahoot! To play a public Kahoot! you don't need an account. You just join the game by entering a game pin on your device. Before asking the students to play, you need to:

  • be logged in and have a computer/device connected to a projector in front of the class.
  • find the Kahoot! you want to play, in this case we are locating a public kahoot! called 'Classroom ipad rules '. You will see that when you launch this kahoot! a game pin will be generated.


  • Open the Kahoot! app on your device.
  • Enter the game pin and give yourself a nickname
  • Join game