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Magnesium's superhero power is its ability to burn a very bright blinding white light when burned. My superhero used this power when someone was doing something illegal and needed to be stopped instantly. Magnesion had to be careful and not get to anything flammable so she wouldn't blind anyone on accident so her life could be tough at times.

Magnesion can easily be found in earths crust and that is her naturally occurring habitat. Magnesion is a good conductor of heat. Magnesion is very flammable. Its ability to burn a very bright white light can be a strong and weak point. Magnesion wears a suit that is relatively soft and is a light shiny silvery-white color with brilliant white skin.

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  • Magnesium is essential for life. It is vital in human metabolism, it is needed for over 300 biomechanical reactions
  • Adding water to magnesium fires causes produces hydrogen causing the fire to burn more fiercely
  • Its melting point is 1202 degrees F and its boiling point is 1090 degrees F
  • The flash in cameras gets it bright white color from magnesium
  • Airplanes, missiles, and rockets are made out of magnesium