Micro-Enterprises for Women

By: Matthew Kimmel

Challenges That Women in Africa Face

In Africa, the women aren't typically known to work. Now, there are a lot of women that are starting to create their own micro-enterprises. Some of he challenges that these women are having is, many children at a very young age. This limits them from being able to work for a long time. Also, women don't get as good of education as women as the men which would make it hard. My last reason is that, they don't have a lot of money
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Micro-Enterprises that the woman do

There are a lot of small jobs that these woman can do. Some examples are, cooking, grinding peanuts, trading and selling, etc. For grinding peanuts, it has became a lot easier for people to do this because, now they have a machine to do this for them. They don't need to do this all by hand anymore. This saves them time and allows them to get more money.
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How women have changed their communities

Woman have really changed their communities. They have showed other young girls that they can create their own micro-enterprises. Another way that they have helped is, that they can help their family get food and other essential supplies that they need. My last reason is, that they can help their family get an education and teach them that it's important to go to school.
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