The Interrupters

Preventing violence in Chicago


To show the amount of violence due to gangs in Chicago and how this violence effects young people in the area.


The Interrupters is a group of people that dedicate themselves to stopping violence in Chicago, the group achieves this by getting teens off the streets and keeping them out of jail.

Some Examples

Purpose Achieved?

The purpose was achieved due to the three examples, Lil Mikey, Flamo and Caprysha. Each one was originally easily irritated and hostile where by the end were model citizens. The film techniques helped portray the point even more using music to perfectly show what emotions these people are feeling at that moment. Putting these elements together really helped the over all message of the film.


The film was enjoyable and did have some really great life lessons hidden within that can be applied to anyone. It really opens the readers eyes to the amount of violence in Chicago. If more people watched this film it could eventually put an end to the amount of violence or at least reduce the number of deaths per year due to gang violence.