Analyzing Viola

by Caleb McClendon

Viola's identity

Violia is a daughter and also a twin brother she disguised as him duke orsino. she would describe herself as independent and caring. She believes she is equal and strong as a man is." And I most jocund ,apt and willingly to do you rest, a thousand deaths would die"( V.i.127-128).

Viola's gender

Since Viola is pretending to be Orsino she has to experience talking to a girl from a male point of view for orsino while orsino is convincing viola to go talk with Olivia. Viola is worried that Olivia wont let her in because she is still in grief about her brothers death. " I prithee---- and I'll pay thee bounteously ---Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent"( i.ii.48-50). she is telling the captain to help her disguise herself as a man .

Perceptions of Viola

The dramatis personae view Viola as a male in the play. Viola knows that she isn't truly a man but everyone thinks that she really is. Everyone else see's viola as a very righteous person . Olivia thinks she is in love with viola because of her looks.

Similarities and Diffrences between Viola and Me

even though viola and I are two different people, we partake in some similarities. She is committed to get what she wants when she wants it. I'm also determined to get what I want depending on the scenario. In the play, Viola risk showing her true emotions to go out of her way to make duke happy by setting him up with the girl of his dreams. When it comes to doing favors to help other ill do anything reasonable to make people happy.

Although we have some similarities we also have some differences. Viola changes her whole gender and dresses as a girl to get closer to a boy but if that was me id never take it that far just get close with someone temporary.

She's the Man

Viola's Identity

In the movie She's the man, Viola identifies as a tom boy, and a hardworking athlete. she pushed herself everyday and practiced to be great at what she loves and she will not let anything get in her way of playing the game she loves which is soccer. Viola is very sympathetic when it comes to other peoples feelings. For example, when "Sebastian" walked into the dorm room and saw duke was hut, Viola forgot that she was disguised as her brother and said " Oh my god are you're hurt.. I mean suck it up, be a man put some dirt on it"(she's the man). This shows you that Viola knows who she is and who she is supposed to be
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Viola's Gender

viola got to see the best of both words meanwhile when she switched identities with her twin brother. She experienced being treated differently because of her gender and when she went to school and acted as Sebastian. At her high school they didn't have a girls soccer team so she decided to act as her brother while he want on a trip with his band to London and she took his place to tryout and make the boys soccer team. If the guys team knew she was a girl she would be treated unequally as if viola wasn't good as any guy on the team. After the first game played and they found out that she was a girl they were fine with it and knew she could handle playing with the guys team.

Perceptions Of Viola

Many characters in the movie she's the man perceive Viola/Sebastian a lot differently than she see's herself. For instance Duke was very shocked when he thought he was Sebastian/Viola kissing Olivia and he confronts her not knowing it was not her.( She's the man). This shows that he viewed her as weak and not good enough with girls to get a beautiful female like Olivia. Viola see's herself as independent and brave because she did not have to act like a guy and join the boys soccer team, that's why she is brave

Similaritie/Diffrences between viola and me

Similarities with Viola/Sebastiuan between me and her is we are both brave. I will always be a "hype" and when I play basketball,Football or go outside I am not scared of any contact. Viola is the same because she has decided to play a sport full of males and it is scientifically proven that we are stronger but that doesn't stop her grind. Although we are brave we do have differences, if I really like someone would have to let them know because I cant hold it in. Even though viola would've blown all the work she'd done and blown her cover I think Duke would've understood.