Melanie Maldonado

Reasons i want to be a Pediatrician

The first reason is I want to help people if they are injured or have an illness. Second reason is that I would be able to pay my bills and taxes when I'm older. Also to know when something is wrong, and to do something about it cause I would already know what to do.


If you want to be a Pediatrician then you will need these two requirements. The first one is a degree from a medical or osteopathic school. Also the second one is a type of training that is required that is a training about infant, child ,and young adult healthcare. Also you need to attend medical schools ,and completing internship and residencies.

Work Environment


My responsibilities as being a Pediatrician is examining and diagnosing. Also treating children if they have something wrong. Also looking for injuries and illnesses and treat children if they have it.

Job Description

The salary average is $135,000. Also growth opportunities are being a Pediatrician are being a Pediatrician then going to being a surgeon or a physician. Job outlook for opportunities in the future is if someone is in trouble I could help if needed.


Yes I still have interest in pursing in being a Pediatrician. Also yes because I can help children if they have an illness or injuries.