Internet News of the Week - November 5, 2012

Google Email Changes

Change is inevitable, and change is coming to a Google email account near you! The change isn't so dramatic that you won't know how to send an email, but it does change, as Google calls it, the experience. Watch the video below to see the changes in action.

If you've not a video learner, and would rather read about the changes, try this site.

Google's New Compose and Reply Experience

Gmail New Compose


Have you ever wondered what exactly is the Internet? I mean, how does it work, exactly. I love the food show Unwrapped. It shows the process from start to finish of making and distributing some of our most popular food items. That's what Andrew Blum does in this very short 12 minute TED Talk. If you haven't learned anything new today, watch this and learn at least one new thing.
Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?