It's bad

What it is

Malware is any malicious software. Malware includes viruses, trojan horses, and spyware. Viruses are are things that copy themselves and then spread to other people or to you. Trojan horses are thing that they look good when you take them in but then it opens the door to your computer for other people to do bad things to it. Then spyware is when someone or something secretly obtains personal information.

What it looks like

Viruses can look like and be sent to you through many ways. A lot of them will look like emails with links that may have dangerous things in them. Malware can also come through websites that give will put malware on you computer.

How to Avoid

The three main ways to avoid malware is antivirus software, firewalls and common sense. Antivirus software will check for viruses. Firewalls will give you the ability to give access to all programs. Then common sense will help you from doing unintelligent things. things.