The Ear

It's structure and how it works

Properties of the ear

There are 3 separate parts of the ear; the Inner Ear, the Middle Ear, and the Outer Ear. Each of these parts have different parts in them. In the Inner Ear, there is the Cochlea, the nerves connecting to the brain such as the eustachian tube, and the semi-circular canal. In the Middle Ear, there is the Eardrum, and the incus. The Outer Ear contains the Auditory Canal.

How do we hear?

Sound waves travel through the ear canal to the eardrum. The vibrations are then passed through the middle ear or the Ossicles to the inner ear or the Cochlea. Inside the Cochlea, there are thousands of little hair cells that change the vibrations into electric signals which are then sent to the brain through the hearing nerve or the vestibulocochlear nerve.

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How we hear?