Unit 4 - L'Heure

French I - Summer 2014

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Semaine Numéro Quatre!

Salut tout le monde and bienvenue to a new week! This week students will work in Unit 4: L'Heure. In this unit we will expand on our discussion of numbers to tell time, conjugate regular -IR and -RE verbs and learn about our francophone neighbor to the north, Québec. Assignments due this Friday, July 11 include:

* Discussion 1B
* TPR Quiz 1
* Writing 1D
* Speaking 1E
* Section 1 Quiz
* Writing 2A
* Speaking 2A
* Discussion 2C
* Writing 2D
* Section 2 Quiz
* Writing 3A
* Speaking 3A
* Section 3 Quiz
* Unit Exam

Zeros for Week 3/Unit 3 have been assigned. There will be another progress report on Tuesday, July 8. Students are encouraged to submit as much work as possible before this report is due!
Lessons are becoming more complex, so it's more important than ever that students attend at least one live session each week! The schedule for this week is as follows:

* Sunday - 7/6 @ 8pm with Mme Lovelady-Alfonso
* Tuesday - 7/8 @ 9pm with Mme McDaniel
* Wednesday - 7/9 @ 8:30pm with Mme Padgett
* Thursday - 7/10 @ 8pm with Mme Miller
* Sunday - 7/13 @ 8pm with Mme Lovelady-Alfonso (Unit 5)

Active participation is key to live session success! Students will get more out of each session if they are participating in the discussion and practicing examples. Students can participate in the chat box, but they should also take the opportunity to use the microphone to practice speaking/pronunciation as well.
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Cases of Culture Clash

Mme Elizabeth Lovelady-Alfonso

"I adore aller au cinéma (love going to the movies) as well as les films français! So it was the first thing I wanted to try when visiting another country. I never once thought it would be that culturally different but it really can be, even in the bigger cities. Premièrement (firstly), one must really pay attention to movie times as well as when films come out as they don't have times available all day everyday like in the Etats-Unis and films tend to not stay out available to watch as long. Seconde, make sure to always arrive on time, because some salles de cinéma begin the film à l'heure (on time) then show the ads for future films during a brief intermission. This is not always the case, but does sometimes happen. I was also very hungry when I arrived and couldn't wait to get some yummy buttered popcorn, but to my surprise en France, your only two choices are pop-corn sucré (sugared) or pop-corn salé (salted) with NO butter,oh my :-) I opted for the pop-corn sucré and it was délicieux! Although j'aime beaucoup regarder les films français (very much like to watch French films) I do however prefer to watch American films in English. To do this en France, you would look in the horaires (time table) for the title that also says VO for version originale. Enfin (finally), it is très intéressant to note that when an American film comes to France that they sometimes put the title in French, although it is not always a direct translation. Sometimes they actually change the title. Example: The children's movie 'A Bug's life' is called '1001 pattes' (legs) and the 2000 film 'Castaway' is called 'Seul au monde' (Alone in the world). You can check out what else is new or older au cinéma français here http://www.allocine.fr/."

Section 2 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"I experienced cultural differences while shopping in France. I was in Nice admiring dresses in one shop from the outside and decided to go in and look around. I was greeted by the shop owner and promptly told that the 'outside was for looking and the inside was for buying.' So I went to another shop, where the owner was much more friendly. I picked out a dress and went to try it on in the dressing room. The owner said he would bring me some other things to try on that I might like, he knocked on the door and told me that the dresses were outside. When I opened the door, he told me that I was trying on the wrong size, and actually needed two sizes larger so that the clothes would fit as they should. He said that he would not sell me a dress unless it fit correctly! I was slightly embarrassed, but the owner was correct, and I was impressed with the knowledge of clothing store personnel in France!"

Section 3 - Mme Karen Miller

"While traveling with students in 2011 I experienced second hand culture clash on behalf of the kids while dining au café. After being served the students were shocked when the waiter did not come back to check on us. In France, mealtimes are almost sacred. Wait staff in France will take your order and bring you your food, but will otherwise leave you to dine in peace. If you need something - a condiment, a refill, the check, etc. - you'll need to flag the server down to ask for it. My former students were also thrilled when I informed them they didn't need to tip - in France it's all included in the bill. More money left for souvenirs!"

Section 4 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"I experienced my first case of culture clash when I arrived for lunch at a French friend's house the day after arriving in the Nice, France. I felt so proud to stop and buy a few croissants on the way to having lunch at Cathy's house. I presented them to my friend in anticipation of having them served at lunch with whatever we were eating. I wondered why, after lunch, they had not been served. My friend gently reminded me that lunch is the big meal of the day in France and they generally eat Baguettes as the bread with lunch. She also kindly told me that croissants are eaten for breakfast with café au lait or later in the day for an afternoon snack."