Grade 11 Animation

Jeevirth Subramaniam Animation Portfolio

Week 1

Although I did not enjoy, but i did not enjoy the first week of this course. We did numerous exercises and rough sketches to get into the habit of drawing. The first week included a lot of review from grade 10; we drew boxes, simple shapes such as ovals, then we were taught how to apply those simple shapes and forge a character out of them.

Week 2

On the second week Mr. Balian put up a drawing on the board of a cartoon character, and he instructed us to draw it. Most of us tried to copy the character exactly, and lost the purpose of the course... To analyze, understand and create. He later told us that, instead of trying to copy the character it is better to understand the shapes that conduct the character and make our own version of the cartoon.

Week 3

One unfortunate day, i walked into class wondering about what we were going to draw today, instead i was hit by the news that Mr. Balian will not be teaching us anymore due to his heart problems. Mr. Balian seemed very calm telling us about this, and he continued to teach. He assigned the first assignment where we had to make a ball bounce. He gave us simple tricks and techniques on how to make a fluent bounce. We did our sketches, and we were ready to make a short video on Maya of our bounce.

I felt confident about this assignment. It seemed boring, but it was not too difficult, at least for me to understand the concept of a realistic ball bounce and draw it and then turn it into a clip. It was a time consuming, but easy assignment. It was not my favorite assignment, but it was a fundamental assignment that gave us a view of how the course will be.

Week 4

We were introduced to our new temporary teacher, Mr. Rego. He did not know too much about animation, and i honestly did not like his marking methods. He gave 90's too anything that was visually appealing and his expectations were very low, i almost lost motivation for the course after he gave me a lower mark than my friend on the ball bounce assignment, although my friend technically didn't even make a bounce. Mr. Rego did not teach anything, instead he just stood there to supervise; we worked on our own through the assignment without any guide.

I felt really good and accomplished about my my final work. I put in an exceptional amount of work, and even added details, and extra bounces that i taught myself to do, but i did not have enough time to touch things up, and add any color, and as a result i didn't not get the grade that i expected. I still did well on it, i got a 93%.

Week 5

We had another switch in teachers, but this time it was permanent. We were introduced to Mr. Kirollos, and personally i was excited, because i heard that he was an architect, and my dream is to become the best architect that i can be, so i was very excited to see an architect's view at things.

Week 6

We just worked on our flour sack.