CSTAND Fall News

From President Terri Egan

Conference 2016 Evaluation Tool Still Available

If you were able to be at the CSTAND conference in September, be sure to go to the conference link at the current CSTAND site at:


and enter your conference evaluation. The planning committee for next year's event needs your input! Contact Annette Bender, 1st VP at Annette Bender <Annette.Bender@msd1.org> with specific ideas for sessions or to volunteer your help.

Reach Out to New Members

If you know of a potential new member or know the address of someone who got left off of this year's mailing list, please contact Class A rep, Adam Pankow, apankow@west-fargo.k12.nd.us; Class B rep, Jeff West, jeff.west@k12.nd.us; or University Rep, Jonna Ziniel,jonna.ziniel@vcsu.edu. Or share the CSTAND website with them where they can register online. https://sites.google.com/site/cstandv2/

Whether or not you were able to attend this year's conference, your membership extends the entire year, and we hope to use our shared connection to let you know about arts/educational events happening around the state or accomplishments to celebrate. The updated website contains resources for coaches and directors, as well as teachers. Please email any resources you would like to share to Web Master, Gayle Hyde, at cstandweb@gmail.com

Newsletter and Journal Items

If you are producing a show or have other news for the CSTAND group, please contact Newsletter editor, Rusty Bender at <rusty.bender85@gmail.com>. Rusty is planning to produce a short newsletter each month; the deadline will be the 20th for each edition.

Have lesson plans or an article you'd like to see published? Contact CSTAND journal editor David Westerman David Westerman <david.k.westerman@ndsu.edu>.

Agenda Items for the Board

If you have items for our next CSTAND board meeting, please submit to Terri Egan atTerri.Egan@k12.nd.us. The board will meet in early November to begin planning the 2017 conference; your input is always appreciated.

CSTAND (Communication Speech and Theater Association of ND)