The Rooney Review

By:Matt Rooney Date:4/29/16

Are your kids safe from military mines?

Every year up to 20,000 people die from mines and they are mostly kids, that might be because that there are 10,000,000 mines on school grounds and pathways. Egypt has the most landmines in any country with over 23 million mines with 60 per square mile. Children are more likely to step on mines because they think that they look cool with bright and fun colors.

Dozens of Veterans kill themselves everyday

21.3% of the 2.5 million veterans deployed from 2001-2007 in the Iraq and Afghanistan war committed suicide because of war trauma, that is around 550,000 veterans and it keeps getting bigger. Around 1 veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes, around 22 a day. 30% of veterans have considered committing suicide and 69% of veterans who did commit suicide were 50 years or older.
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Factories aren't the only thing causing pollution

War vehicles make hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and a carbon dioxide. In Iraq the pollution of the war caused birth defects including cancer, and only 45% of people in a war area have safe drinking water. One of the worst thing done to the environment from war is when Iraq dumped 1 million tons of oil into the persian gulf.

Potato eating contest

Monday, May 9th, 10am

Grandview Park, Waukesha, WI, United States

Waukesha, WI

You have heard of a pie eating contest, but have you ever heard of a potato eating contest? Well now you have, come to Grandview Park and show of your potato eating skills to everyone else as weird as you!



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