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Halfway There.

This week signifies the halfway for the school year. It is a good reminder to check in with your student(s) and see how they are doing with their academics. Teachers are updating their grades in Synergy every two weeks. This means that by the end of the week you will have updated information regarding your students academic progress. Now is the perfect time to rally around missing assignments, make up tests, and getting things turned in. It is also a great time to check in on our energy reserves. Make sure that you have enough in the tank to get to the end of the trimester and the end of the year. Be sure to attend to the health needs you and your students have. Make sure that you are well feed, hydrated, get plenty of sleep and find time to go recreate. I've said before and I will continue to say, go 're'-create yourself. Find new things to get involved in and find excitement about new things. This is an excellent way to find new energy, and passion in our lives. It helps keep you fresh and focused.

Take care of yourselves!
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In The Know

Black History Month - I am excited to welcome Black History Month to Churchill High School next week. There are many meaningful activities planned that will help share important contributions and achievements that African Americans have made in our nation, our state, our regional and our community. As a staff we are focused on our collective responsibility to highlight and share the many meaningful and relevant contributions that African Americans have made in each of our content areas. Our students deserve and expect to know how African American contributions have been pivotal in shaping the landscape and fabric of our nation.

Black Lives Matter - We will be hosting the Black Lives Matter exhibit in the auditorium during the week of February 11-15. This display is intentionally developed and designed to provide reverence for black lives that were lost. It is important to note that there are a variety of reasons and variable for how these deaths came to light. The display is not intended to cast negative light on police officers, but to share a deeper awareness that there are many societal issues that all contribute to these different outcomes. Teachers may elect to sign their classes up to view this exhibit during this week. It is important to remember to help students save space for respectful dialogue and understanding. This display is an opportunity to listen to and understand different perspectives. The exhibit is by invitation only. Teachers may sign their classes up to visit on specific dates and class periods. Any student that would like to opt out has the right to do so. They may attend the library while the class visits the exhibit.

Hoodies Up - Tuesday February 5th is Hoodies Up Day in honor of Trayvon Martin. Students are allowed to wear their Hoodies Up on this day.

Math Student of the Month

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Looking Forward



1/28–2/1 — MIDTERM WEEK

1/28–2/28 — 20KINDteen Book Drive

Monday, 1/28

Churchill Music Fundraiser at Pastini

7:00 pm — Girls' Lacrosse Meeting

Tuesday, 1/29

Churchill Music Fundraiser at Pastini

Wednesday, 1/30

7:00 pm — IB Sophomore Parent Information Night at the 4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St.

Thursday, 1/31

Field Trip: Raza Unida Youth Conference


Next Week...

2/4, 3:45 pm — LCC Scholarship Workshop

2/5 Hoodies Up Day

2/6 Forecasting Assembly (45-Minute Double Assembly Schedule)

2/8 Advisory schedule (Transcripts and Forecasting)


Kelly Quiroz and Judy Kerner - Thank you for your open-hearted and gracious offer to have students come to your available class periods to provide support and intervention for struggling students in light of our GRACC conundrum. This is a really genuine and powerful move in support of our students. Your focus on kids and helping them matches our top priority here at Churchill High School which is to do whatever we can for students to help them along. You embody what it means to provide excellence for every Lancer every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.