Technology Design Cycle Report


This is a design cycle report about the unit call : ON THE RIGHT TRACK. My Name is Vansakleang and I'm the student at NISC and this flyer will act as a the design cycle report



Some Students does not know well about the assignment or criteria and how grading is done in all MYP subjects. Some students are not knowing how many grade are in the criteria in many subject. If the student know well they know how to put their effort and time to that to get the good grade.
To illustrate this problem I created the chart and what I know about for each subject (two images below)

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Design Breif

Students need to create the product that can clearly explain the subject and the spreadsheet where the student can add their grade that is easy to use and easy to understand


Spread sheet

Spread sheet is the computer program that can create the table that contain the data, This program have the built in function to create chat, and all operations, modern spreadsheets provide built-in functions for common financial and statistical operations this program is often use in business to show the price and the amount items sale.

Early spread sheet

The first spread sheet is called VisiCalc, this electronic software first running first on the Apple II Computer. The word "spreadsheet" came from "spread" in its sense of a newspaper or magazine item. The first spreadsheet is created by Richard Mattessich and develop by Brian Ingham in 1976 through the IBM operating system.

Stand alone presentation

Stand-alone Presentation is the presentation that does not required the people to explain or talk. Stand-alone presentation Must Include

  • The important information about the topic.
  • Use title slide for the title and the main point
  • Road map

Example of Stand-alone presentaion

  • banner
  • poster
  • perzi
  • slideshow
  • blogster

what is MYP?

MYP(Middle Year Program) is the program that is use from grade 7 to 10 and it design for the student form 11 to 16

I will now explain assignment for each subject:

Technology maximum mark for each unit is 36 and there are six componet and there are 6/6.

  • 6/6 investigate
  • 6/6 design
  • 6/6 plan
  • 6/6 create
  • 6/6 evaluate
  • 6/6 Attitude

I had interview with Mr.Luke Watson (My Technology Teacher) for each criteria of Technology

Math maximum mark for each unit Is 27 and there are 4 criteria

  • Criteria A: Knowledge and understanding 8/8
  • Criteria B: Investigating Patterns 8/8
  • Criteria C: Communication in Mathematics 6/6
  • Criteria D: Reflection in mathematics 6/6

I got this information from: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:C7OXwXRyEGIJ:www.aischool.org/uploaded/middle_school/myp_mathematics_assessment_criteria.doc+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk

Science maximum mark for each unit is 36 and there are 6 criteria

Criteria A: One World 6/6

Criteria B: Communication in science 6/6

Criteria C: Knowledge and understanding 6/6

Criteria D: Scientific inquiry 6/6

Criteria E: Processing data 6/6

Criteria F: Attitudes in Science 6/6

I got this information From:http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:dmAMVcxdmCUJ:www.aischool.org/uploaded/Middle_School/MYP_Sciences_Assessment_Criteria.doc+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk

P.E maximum mark for each unit is 32

Criteria A: Use of knowledge 8/8

Criteria B: Movement composition 6/6

Criteria C:Performance 10/10

Criteria D:Social skills and personal engagement8/8

I got information from: http://www.scopus.vic.edu.au/Documents/Document%20Library/MYP%20Report%20Information/Physical%20Education%20Assessment%20Criteria.pdf

Humanities maximum mark for each subject is 32

Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding 8/8

Criteria B: Investigating 8/8

Criteria C: Thinking critically 8/8

Criteria D: Communicating 8/8


Art maximum mark for each subject for each unit is 34

Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding

Criteria B: Application

Criteria C:Reflection and evaluation

Criteria D:Personal engagement

I got this information from: http://www.scopus.vic.edu.au/Documents/Document%20Library/MYP%20Report%20Information/Arts%20Assessment%20Criteria.pdf

LanguageB maximum mark is 40

A- speaking and listening

B-speaking- Language

C- Writing- message and organization

D-Writing- Language

E-Reading comprehension

I got this information from: http://www3.beaverton.k12.or.us/isb/IB/myp_language_B.pdf

Testing method

1. Was the standalone product appropriate for the target audience (MYP Students)

2. Was there a careful balance between text and image in the standalone product?
3. Were all the classes covered in the standalone?
4. Was there a clear introduction?
5. Was the color scheme and font choice and layout stylish and effective?

1. Was the spreadsheet complete with spaces for all the subjects?

2. Does it have title?

3. Was the color appropriate?

4. Did the spreadsheet use formula?
5. Can you do cell merge?

Name 3 thing you like about standing alone presentation

Name list 3 key facts from stand alone presentation

Name 3 things you liked about spread sheets

Name 3 thing should change so the spreadsheet better

Name 3 thing should change so the standalone presentation better

Stand-alone Presentation

Stand-alone Presentation is the presentation that does not required the people to explain or talk. Stand-alone presentation Must Include
  • The important information about the topic.
  • Use title slide for the title and the main point
  • Roadmap







Big image
Spread sheet picture running on APPLE II

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Design Specifications

he product created to explain how assessment in grade 8 must:

· be stand alone

· be appropriate in length (not to long or too short)

· for MYP students (audience)

· outline assessment criteria, how each assessment criteria is graded and how and overall grade is calculated

· use a good balance of images and text

· when information and/or images are used from other sources - it must be referenced

The spreadsheet created must:

· include all subject

· include all assessment criteria

· allow for multiple units of work

· calculate averages, when appropriate

· include overall grade

· use different cell colours for different subjects

· include a heading