4B Mini Summative Assignment


My position on the soccer team.

I'm going to use my soccer team for this assignment. I'm going to use the Zimbardo experiment, as an example of over doing obedience. As one of the more experienced players on the team, my coach tells me to tell the girls what to do on the field. I tend to overuse my bossiness and yell at them at their every move. I will listen more to an authoritive figure (my coach), more then our assistent coach, which is only a freshman in college. My coach tells me that I can score on any team, which is him underestimating their ability, and overestimating my technique, (fundamental attrubition error). The Milgram experiment test obedience, which is like my coach telling me to play my hardest against the younger girls, when I could hurt them. I could ease up on them and give them a chance or obey him and continuously defeat them.

My teams position on the soccer team

Like the Aschs experiment, a lot of the younger girls on the team will see a few girls doing it wrong but assume that because there were so many doing it, they conform to what the others were doing. They did this even though they knew it was wrong. Self- Serving bias is used everyday at practice. If our forward doesn't score, it's because no one would help her. If she does score, it's because she was so much better then the defense. Groupthink is used when picking positions, because we forget what we induvidualy want to play and do what will help the team out. When I got hurt at a game, the whole team got really mad and couldn't focus, but later their attitudes changed toward avenging my injury, which is group polarization.
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