Elf on the Shelf: Raymond Style

Tips, Videos, & More on sharing Elf on the Shelf @ School!

Want to have some fun with the Elves of Raymond Academy?

This SMORE will provide ideas, suggestions and some fun videos you can share with your students!

The Elf on the Shelf: The Story

Raymond Academy: Elf on the Shelf

Can your students IDENTIFY the story readers?

Ask your students to listen very carefully to the story and who is reading it. These are people on our campus. If they can identify the readers, they may receive a prize or reward!
Click here to view Elf on the Shelf Doc with DETAILS!

This is a Google Document that was created from the PD in your PJs Session. Make sure you are logged into your Aldine Google Account to view!

The Elf on the Shelf (Staff Development)

PD in your PJs (Elf on the Shelf) Raymond Style

Elf on the Shelf Challenge!

Daily, capture your elf or one of the scout elves around Raymond and post them in the Raymond Academy's Google+ community. There should be almost 20 elves around the campus!

CHALLENGE: The most creative Elf on the Shelf sighting captured (on camera) will be rewarded with a prize on Thursday, December 18th.

  • You must post the picture on the Raymond Academy Google+ community under the Elf on the Shelf Tab.
  • It must be an elf here at Raymond.
  • Include the name of the teacher who's room you found it in your post.
  • Have your students to spot them throughout the day! It's all for fun!

***Remember, they cannot be touched by students! They will lose their holiday magic!***

Ready! Set! Go!

Need even MORE ideas...Post them in our TACKK and check back for updated ideas!