Im a survivor

Boston Marathon Masaccar

People everyday have to persevere one thing that comes with perseverance is surviving, surviving is when someone or something continues to live or exist, especially in spite or hardships or danger.

Many people were affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, one specif person was and still is reliving that dreadful experience everyday of his life. Jarrod Clowery was a runner during the Boston Marathon, although he hadn't lost a limb in the bombing he had 2nd degree burns all over his body and his legs pierced by pellets and nails. Jarrod would unwrap his legs and pick at the wounds because he didn't think it was real, Jarrod also suffers from PTSD and is afraid of loud noises, sharp objects and large crowds.

However many people were affected, many people weren't. Everyday people who are normal and hadn't experienced this still can be in large crowds and sleep without the lights on, and most importantly they can go through out the day without worring.

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl was born in 1905. At the age of 25 in 1930 Viktor earned his doctorate in medicine, not long after Frankl, his wife, mother, and family were arrested and sent to a concentration camp, his wife was immediately murdered. Meanwhile in 1944 Frankl Was transported to the concentration camps Kaufering and Turkheim. Then in 1945 U.S. troops liberate the camps. Later on Viktor learns about the death of his Wife, Mother ,father, and daughter. Lastly In 1946 Viktor wrote and published his book "Man's Search for Meaning". After 51 years the year was 1997 when his book sold 9 million copies.

Sexual Abuse

Being sexually abused is a problem because it is harming someone sexually who has not agreed to the situation. A possible solution to this problem is to leave the place you were being harmed. This answer is good because even if it has stopped you never know if someone will hurt you again. Another solution for a survivor of being sexually abused is to go to counseling it helps you relax and not worry that someone is after you and it lets you say your feelings without being judged. Therefor the main difficulty of being a survivor of this type that you worry that everyone you meet will do this to you, you loose your trust in people because who ever has done this has made you loose your trust.


A survivor is a type of person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an even in which others died or have been severely injured. for instance survivors come in many different styles some have characitics that are harder to see than others, for example they may be experiencing PTSD( post traumatic stress disorder). Although survivors experience deadly situations, others have not, others may be a survivor because there arm is broken and they have to wait and let it heal. Survivors aren't all the same and most importantly there's nothing to big or to small to make you a survivor.

A crash that changed a mans life

The reason Lance Becatti was in a car crash is the reason why he is the man he is today. Due to this crash happening Lance couldn't walk, talk or even eat. Therefor the cause of this crash is that the driver wasn't paying attion and turned when the other driver Lance was driving straight and obeying the speed limit. Lance hit the man who turned out to be okay but the effects of this crash effected lances life forever. After he was brought to the hospital he was in a coma that lasted three months, this lead to him not being able to walk, move, eat or even talk. After coming out of the coma he spent the next 20 years re-learning how to live his life again and not being afraid to live life.
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