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Finish September Strong

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Let's BREAK IT DOWN~~~~~~~>>>>>>
Top 10
1. Caren Lolley Miller 9697....shooting for 10K
2. Janna Massey Lewkow 3041 can you hit 3500????
3. Laura Wagg Gasiorek 2899 I have a feeling 3K WILL happen!!
4. Andrea Zolper Johnson-mm 2116 push for 2500
5. Libby Lovelace Britt 1306 grab 1500 babe
6. Amanda Gearhart Lester 886 push for 1K
7. Allison Aubuchon 761 hit 800 girl!!
8. Suzanne Pregmon Vierling and Jonaira tied at 738...push for 800
9. Jenny Ziegelhofer 581 hit 800 for commission hike
10. Darlene Fratello 535 stretch to 800

Jennifer Cairns Dani Hearn Nicole Mitchell Victoria Lynn Hutson Helen Norman Lisa N Kevin Boyette Lindsey Walker Parker push for 500

Fast Starters Erica Elliott Dunlap Hollie Ludwig Ronalee Orlick Jen JuhrAna Cortes Gina Merlino Juanita Rivera Heather Fisher Lewis Shaunna Triantafillou Jennifer Leigh Simmons Lori Gardner Brenda WünscheReanna Barsoum Natalie and Erin aim for your very 1st sale EVER in the next week!!!!

Everyone else with sales shoot for at least $100 more in orders and if you have NOT made a sale yet this month, let's get you at least ONE order.

Ok Team, it is time to HUSTLE!!!! We have 7 days left in the month! PLENTY of time to make some magic! You know what you need to do, we need to round UP numbers, the hostesses, pop ups, your sales in general, commission levels, incentives and credit levels.
**We shoot for EVEN numbers for pop ups.....$200, 400, 600, 800, 1K, 1200 and so on to get $50 credit for each of these levels.
**We shoot for 500's for YOUR sales if out of fast start. So 500, 1K, 1500 and so on.
** We shoot for incentive levels of 1500 and 3K for the corporate gifts
**We shoot for $800 in sales for 30% commission and 3K in sales for 35% commission for the month!!
**We shoot for $400 for pop ups to get the hostess earrings, 600 to shop the special line and 1K for the hostess necklace.

So where are you at??? How can I help you get there? We have 7 days to round UP these numbers!!

Replay of the National Call! Video marketing!!!

DEETS on the Brit +Co 20% off....send this to customers....…

- Promotion runs for a full year! Valid from September 14, 2015 - September 14, 2016 11:59 pm EST
- Share this link with your customers so they can purchase the specially designed Brit + Co Kit and also receive 20% off their next c+i order! (
- The email entered in the overlay will automatically receive the discount on their next order. I've included a photo of what this will look like at check out.
- This email address will automatically be signed up for our mailing list. Customers will be able to unsubscribe at any time.
- Items purchased using the discount will be final sale and eligible for our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee only. If we do not have the inventory to fulfill a replacement, a store credit will be issued for the amount paid.
- Cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts (reward credit or raffle codes).
- As merchandisers, you are eligible for some other awesome discounts through Brit + Co!
Here is the Fine Print for your records smile emoticon
This promotion is valid from from 12:01 am EST on Monday, September 14, 2015 until 12:01 am EST onWednesday, September 14, 2016. Product available while supplies last. Sale items are not eligible for return; however, all product is covered under our lifetime guarantee. Cannot be combined with reward credit or other discounts. Only cash value spent contributes to qualifying order volume for free shipping, free gift with purchase, and $500 cumulative-spend promotions. If we do not have the inventory to fulfill a replacement for a sale item, due to damage or defect, a store credit will be issued for the discounted purchase price of that item.
Please send any other questions to the Support Team! Hope this helps!

I love this post from fellow MM Loren....please read!!!

You can SELL anything! Truly, anything! Pick one thing from the room you are in, look at it, study it, and figure out how YOU would sell it!

You have to learn about what you are selling, what you are suggesting, and what makes it stand apart from everything else you could "sell".

When I worked for Carrabba's Italian Grill, we were required to memorize the ENTIRE menu, ingredients, and take a "menu test" - we were not allowed to be a server there unless we took the test and only received 7 or less wrong answers. If you failed the first time, you got 1 more try - but if you failed both times, you could not work there! At this restaurant, it was just like every other restaurant - BUT the server was a mini sales woman - the higher the check, the higher the tip! The better the service, the more ROI was received. The more knowledge you had of the wine, the food, the ingredients - the more you could "sell" and the more money you would earn per "table" (aka pop-up shop!)

As a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser, it is YOUR job to make sure you know what you are talking about. We are all here to help along the way, but only YOU can sell the brand, the guarantee, the product, and YOURSELF! This AMAZING Product knowledge recording from Kyle Hjelmeseth will SURELY help you launch in the right direction!

No, we don't "test" you like I had to do for a restaurant, but if YOU want to make the most of this opportunity, learning about the ins and outs of this business, your PRODUCTS, your business, and the ingredients that go into making a piece of jewelry that your client is paying top dollar for will benefit you GREATLY! Please take the time to watch this either today or through the weekend and enhance your own product knowledge, earning more money per conversation, and learning how to better "SELL" your product.

Believe in what you sell, educate yourself daily, and you will see the longevitiy along with product knowledge take a BIG turn for the better!