Barclay Bulletin

November 8, 2021

Building Updates

In one of my recent Barclay Bulletins I mentioned that we regularly remind students about proper mask wearing. Throughout the day, staff members may notice that a mask has slipped down below the nose or below the nose and mouth. When this happens, we remind students because we want to do our best to avoid a student quarantine due to a possible COVID exposure from improper mask wearing by somebody within six feet during the day.

We continue to partner with you, our Barclay families, in keeping students healthy and safe so I am providing teachers with another form of communication with regard to proper masking in school. Families could see a backpack note from the teacher about how consistently your child properly wears their mask. It is simply an effort to communicate what things look like during the day so that we can work together to ensure proper mask wearing.

If you have questions about this communication or a note that you receive, please email or call me. If you do not receive a note, that means your child is either great about masking or only needs an occasional reminder about pulling their mask over their nose and mouth. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work to keep students healthy and in school!

November 11th

Just a reminder that there is no school Thursday in observance of Veterans Day.

November 12th

I'm not releasing the details, but we are planning a unique day of learning at Barclay School on Friday, November 12th. The day will be centered around our PBIS Social Emotional schoolwide goals, and will provide students with some unusual opportunities around cooperative learning and problem solving. While this will be a school-wide event, the activities may look a little different in each classroom. Our goal is to provide some learning opportunities which may have been missed due to the COVID pandemic.

November 16th

November 16, 2021 marks the 50th day of school. Students may choose to wear clothing from the 50's. While we don't recognize this with school-wide activities, some classrooms will plan activities and there is always a chance for students to be photographed with others dressed in 50's garb.