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What branch of science does it belong in?

Zoo keeping or zoology belongs to the branch of life science

Educational path

Well first of all you should have your masters. Some helpful classes in high school can help are animal science, biology, chemistry, public speaking, statics and probability. The college classes include zoology

Training school and college

If you live in Wisconsin you can go to uw-Madison it's located on 2415 university bay dr. 53705 Madison Wisconsin. It's a public 4 year school it's obviously a university. The student to faculty ratio is 17:1. The class sizes averaged to about 29. You need a GPA score of at least a 3.0 and an ACT score of 23+ and SAT 1700+

All about this job

Zookeepers care for the animals, stuff like medicine, cleaning, feeding. The minimum degree needed is a bachelors. You can even possibly earn up to 17,470. About 27% are self employed. They work at zoological parks and aquariums

More in depth

In Wisconsin it well be really easy to find a job. The salary for this job in Wisconsin is 15,660 the national average is 16,050. One major employer for this job is the wildlife sanctuary it's located at 1660 E shore dr. Gb WI, 54302. Some pros are you get to be with animals nature and you can help teach kids about nature. Some cons are though possibly injury and the sanitation could make you sick

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Wiscarrers and the bay each wild life sanctuary website for pictures and information