By Ashton Rowray

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder: Sounder showed perseverance by when he got shot he knew he had to go into the woods to heal. The mother showed perseverance by doing her best to support her family even though the father was in jail. The father showed perseverance by even though half of his body was dead, he walked all of the way back to the cabin. The boy showed perseverance by never giving up while learning to read, and by doing his best to find his fathe

Article Summary

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was an important man. He was one the most important people in the fight against racial discrimination and he never gave up. He wanted African Americans to be treated the same as whites. Article

  • Martin Luther King Jr. never gave up while fighting against racial discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr. did his best to make African Americans equal to whites. Martin Luther King Jr. made people realize how African Americans were treated so they could help change it.

Pet Human

  • Video. Summary: Polar bear is being loyal to his human master just like Sounder was. One more way it is simalar to Sounder is the animal is loyal to their master. The animal likes their master. The animal respects their master

A Father, Daughter, Dog

  • Both the stories are alike because of these reasons. The dog in both stories went to alarm the kid that their father had died. In both stories the dog died shortly after the father died. Both the stories are different because of these reasons. At first the dad in “A Father, Daughter, and Dog” didn’t like the dog but in Sounder the dad did. In “Sounder” the father found Sounder walking down the road but in "A Father, Daughter, Dog" they adopted the dog.


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Anticipation Guide

  1. Opinion of statement: Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety. Agree

  • I feel this way because, If someone doesn’t have food they would die. If someone doesn’t have shelter they could freeze to death. If someone doesn’t have safety they could get injured.