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Friday, April 27, 2018

Calender Change ~ NYS Math Test

The NYS Math Assessment will be given on Wednesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 3rd. Just like the ELA, we'll start first thing in the morning. Kids should come prepared with their own gum and a card or board game to play after the testing session.

Swimming & Instrument Reminders

Kids will need to be prepared with swimsuits on Tuesday only. The kids will not be swimming on Thursday due to the math test.

Instruments will need to come to school on Tuesday for lessons and Thursday for ensembles.

Upcoming Field Trips

On Tuesday, May 22nd the entire 4th grade will be traveling to Genesee Country Village & Museum. Student admission is $7 and adult chaperones are $11. Please contact me ASAP at closege@canandaiguaschools.org if you need financial assistance for your child's admission. Parents who are joining us will need to meet us there. Kids have to ride the bus to the field trip site, but can leave the museum with you if proper permission slips are returned prior to the field trip date. You'll find the permission slip in your child's Friday Folder. Please return the permission slip and money by Friday, May 18th. The more chaperones, the better!

We'll be visiting Aqueduct Park in Palmyra on June 1st. Our class will be going with Mrs. Gleason's class. We'll leave school around 9:15 and arrive at the park around 9:45. This is a rain or shine event. We'll start our day at the park watch how the lock operates. Then we'll all walk the trail that goes along part of the original Erie Canal that takes us into the village of Palmyra. At that point, we'll visit the museums. The trip will end with lunch. The buses will pick us up at the museums around 1:15. This trip is free through a grant.

Monday, June 18th will be our grade level trip to Onanda. The same procedures apply to this trip. Kids have to ride the bus to the park, but can be dismissed from the park with parents if appropriate paperwork is complete prior to the field trip to date. I'll let you know about the cost as we get closer to the trip date.

I'll keep this information in the newsletter for the next few weeks. Please check out the google form below. You only need to fill it out if you would like to chaperone.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We've been super busy answering released state questions from past assessments and beginning Module 7. Please look over your child's practice materials. Even the multiple choice questions require the students to do some scratch work before being able to arrive at an answer. Then thinking is my answer reasonable?? Finally, the students have to bubble correctly! There is a lot of thought and effort that just goes into answering multiple choice questions. The short answer questions require just as much work!!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We finished module 5. Your child’s corrected test will be sent home on Monday. It will need to be signed and returned. We also reviewed and answered questions from last year’s NYS math test. This was helpful for the children to see the format, practice reading the entire question, and to show all work! The math state test is on Wednesday and Thursday. After that we will begin Module 6 which is decimals.

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