Engage students and keep parents involved


ClassDojo is available for use on any computer, laptop, or iOS or Android device. It can be accessed through the web or the ClassDojo app, which is a free download.

Why use ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a great way to motivate students to do their best work and display positive behavior. You can reward students with "dojo points" when they are on task or cooperating well with their peers. You can also take away points when they aren't doing so well, like coming to class unprepared. This tool is a great way to teach students lifelong skills that aren't always included in the curriculum. The students can create their own accounts so they can see how they are doing. Parents can also use the tool to monitor their children and communicate with the teacher. Additionally, this tool has other features that allow you to track attendance, manage groups of students, and send messages and announcements to parents.
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Location OR - find it on Apple or Android App Stores.


This tool is completely free for all users - teachers, students, and parents. Each user is required to set up a free account to access the information in ClassDojo.
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ClassDojo Introduction Video

Getting Started with ClassDojo